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Services for Writers

Support for the artist's creative journey

We are here to support you, the artist, on your creative journey.  Your initial 30-minute consultation is free.

Please feel free to browse the services we offer below and book online.  We'll work with you to craft an individually-tailored plan to meet your goals.

Please contact us for information on

any of these services

Support for the artist's individual creative journey

Support for the artist's Individual creative journey

We will assist and help you in creating and producing your finished book.

Rewriting and co-writing services

Rewriting and co-writing services

We will assist you on your specific project.  Re-writing as well as Co-writing services are available on an individual basis.

Doctoring and editing services for your book or screenplay

Doctoring and editing services for your book or screenplay

Need an editor for your book or screenplay?  We will provide you with complete editing services on an individual piece or a specific long-term project.

Literary Translation

Literary Translation

We can translate your literary work into another language so that your piece of finished work may reach, and be exposed to, a greater audience.  Outrigger Publishing specializes in translating from English to Turkish, and from Turkish to English.  Additional languages are available as well.

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