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Custom workshops to help you succeed as a writer

Outrigger's online workshops draw together writers from across the globe.  Our online classes replicate the experience of being together in a classroom.  Here you will be interacting with a mentor and fellow writers in their creative journey.  These are not videos.  The classes take place live, in real time.  You can participate in an Outrigger workshop from anywhere in the world.  Taking these classes with attendees from around the world makes your experience more diverse, rich, valuable, and more interesting.

The Joy of Writing Workshop

Offered May 15 and 29, 2021

The Joy of Writing

Creative writing can be a long and exhausting process.  It takes dedication, determination, time and effort.


But turning your ideas and imagination into published stories doesn't have to be painful.  In this workshop we will introduce you to strategies to rekindle your joy and revitalize your writing.

Turning Life Into Art workshop


Turning Life into Art

Art is all about inspiration, and life is full of it.

Writing is a creative process of transforming life experience into art.  In this intensive workshop we will discuss how to harvest inspirations from people, places and events around the globe and in your personal life. We will equip you with the skills to develop a unique and compelling piece based on your life experience.

Introduction to Creative Writing Workshop


Introduction to Creative Writing

Perfect for students new to creative writing. This course will introduce you to various forms of creative writing in small, supportive workshop groups.

Poetry Workshop

Offered April 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, 2021

Poetry Workshop

We will introduce you to several forms of poetry and help you to decide which type of poetry best fits your objectives, creativity and style of writing.

Rumi Poetry: Eastern Spiritual Poetry Workshop


Rumi Poetry:

Eastern Spiritual poetry

"You are not a drop in the ocean.

You are the entire ocean in a drop."

- Rumi

Jelaluddin Rumi was truly one of the most passionate and profound poets in history.  Even after eight centuries his presence still remains strong in today's modern world because his philosophy links back to the Soul-Essence.

In this workshop, we will teach you about the Rumi poetry style, method and techniques and assist you in your creative poetic journey.

Writing Short Form Nonfiction


Writing Short Form Nonfiction

We will teach and encourage you to try out a variety of nonfiction writing forms fit for publication. The goal of this class will be to produce your nonfiction masterpiece and get your writing ready to sell for publication.

Editing your work one on one


Editing your Work One on One

This class is for participants who have a work of fiction in progress.  In this workshop we will help you take your writing to the next level. We will provide you with prompts and introduce you to various literary techniques. Throughout this mentorship, we will be working with each participant on an individual basis to analyze your manuscript and help you unlock the means to make it a success.

Writing Your First Novel Workshop


Writing your First Novel

Start writing your first novel in this supportive workshop that helps you identify your story and craft the first chapter of your book.

Travel Writing Workshop


Travel Writing

You will learn how to apply the techniques of evocative writing to location-specific works and develop your skills as a professional travel writer.

How to get Published Globally Workshop


How to get Published Globally

We will provide you with behind-the-scenes insights about the global publishing arena, and reveal to you the roles of each element in the publishing process; from translator to agent.  Outrigger Publishing will assist you in developing a competitive edge that will allow you to step up your success, and make your international debut.

Structuring Your Story Workshop


Structuring your Story

We will help you get to the heart of the story you want to tell by applying techniques for dramatic structure in this workshop for writers of all levels.

Writing Your First Screenplay Workshop


Writing your First Screenplay

Jumpstart your first feature film project in this intensive workshop, that will help you craft an outline and refine your story by teaching you proper screenplay structure.

Turn Your Book Into a Screenplay Workshop


Turn your Book into a Screenplay

Jumpstart your first feature film project in this intensive workshop that will help you refine your story, craft an outline and teach you screenplay structure.

Writing Your Memoir Workshop


Writing your Memoir

Turn your life into art! In this supportive, encouraging, intensive workshop, we will teach you to develop a unique and compelling book based on your own experience.

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